July 5, 2009 10~1030 EDT 6.725 ~ 6.727mhz Unknown Digital Signal

July 5, 2009

I was tuning around this morning at about 8am, i heard this signal -- it was on 6.727 LSB

I googled that and found a few sites pointing to the Shuttle - ok - thought it was interesting - at this time 8ish I only heard it on LSB - a little while later I was at my wifes work waiting and I heard it again on 6.727 LSB  I looked around gain at USB digital CW filiter ect... I found the same or wht sounds like the same on USB 6.725  very strong - not on AM or FM (very very weakly hear it on AM) -

there is some comments as I switch modes and what not.

I cant get it to decode with anything I have - I dont know what this is maybe military maybe the shuttle

It started to fade out around noonish - and gone at 1pm -- at 6pm when I picked my wife up from work it was very strong again on both USB and LSB

this is the recording I made around 10 this morning EDT


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