Just a TH-D7AG, and stock rubber duckie antenna

June 16, 2009

SO50, 17 June 2009, 0007UTC - AOS Azimuth 326, Maximum elevation 76, Max EL azimuth 213

LOS Azimuth 154, LOS 0021UTC

It is pouring down rain here, but I really really wanted to work this again! -- I didn't get setup, didn't bring my camera out, and stood on the door floor board of my van holding the radio up in the air - and moving the antenna horiztal and vertical.  When it came up to about 22 degrees or so I started to hear it -

much easier to correct for doppler when all you are wanting to do is listen.

I followed for a little bit - everyone says that SO50 is a quite bird - I think it is quite loud, and quite easy to find relitively speaking (Granted I've only tried on the high passes)

And I know this just would not have worked if it was a low pass.

For give the static for like 8 or 9 mins, I don't have anyway to edit MP3s and my digital recorder records in MP3 format - nice unless something like this is going on.

Enjoy! - I wish I had a picture of me doing this...but that will have to wait till next time -

maybe next time I try to talk without my arrow!

73s, KD8BXP


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